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Hire Equipment

Brick Saws - Brick saws allow you to cut pavers, slabs and small limestone blocks with a professional finish every time. Unlike some of our competitors, we only hire out quality brick saws. This ensures ease of use as well as reliability.

Compactors - Compactors are required to compact the surface before paving, synthetic turf or installing limestone garden walls. This gives a firm base ensuring your paving wont collapse in the future. Compactors are also great after turf installation for a professional finish. Forget the water roller, compactors do a much better job.

Quick Cuts - Quick cuts are a very versatile machine. They can be used for cutting paving, limestone blocks, bricks, chasing walls, concrete and basically any masonry surface. 

Demolition hammer / jack hammer – Make short work of that unwanted concrete or masonry.

Wall chaser – This tool is needed when you need to chase a wall so that electrical wiring or plumbing can be installed into the wall.  These are easy to use and come with a vacuum so no mess!  Contractors charge a fortune for this work so you’ll be amazed at what you save!!

Core drill – Core drills are used to core drill into concrete, limestone or masonry surfaces. Normally used for fencing and lighting applications. Comes with various drill bit sizes.

Petrol High Pressure cleaner – Need to clean your paving, roof tiles, walls or anything else that that you desire? Forget the karcher, these things actually work!

Laser levels - Laser levels allow you to easily transfer heights across your landscape and work out complex landscape designs. They can greatly assist in splitting levels and on large walls and paving jobs.

*Screed bars and straps - These are essential for any paving job. Like all construction, its all about the preparation work. If you learn how to master these, you'll get a professional finish every time!

* All items other than the screed bars and straps can be leased indivudually with mobile service. 

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