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Welcome to AAA Hire Perth

AAA Hire Perth has a range of construction equipment for hire wand also provides a mobile service at very competitive rate. We also provide packages for on-site advice and demonstrations so you can get the job done yourself for a fraction of the cost of getting a contractor in.

Being in the landscape construction game for many years, it became apparent that many home owners would have liked to embark on the journey of carrying out the work themselves but didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to get get the job done.

Whilst there is vast amounts of information available on the internet (some good, some not), there is no substitute for an on-site demonstration and advice from a local professional who can give you the right advice and correct techniques for getting the job properly the first time.

In the past I have seen many DIY enthusiasts who had the heart but not the knowledge or correct tools to perform the job correctly. Unfortunately this can lead to some less than aesthetically pleasing work and in some situations can even create a dangerous environment. Don’t waste your time and then money having to call a contractor to repair your hard work. Get the advice, skills and tools to do the job right the first time!

Compare our prices to the big hire chains. We are substantially cheaper.

Mobile Delivery

Why waste time driving forwards and backwards picking up and dropping off the necessary equipment when you could be spending that time being productive? 

AAA Hire Perth drops off and picks up the equipment so that the task at hand can be completed more efficiently. This allows you to start enjoying the area you just created sooner!

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AAA Hire Perth allows you to acheive your desired result for a fraction of the cost of getting a contractor in. 

  • 15+ years experience in paving and landscaping construction
  • Equipment hire with mobile delivery service
  • Supply of paving, paving equipment and on-site installation advice
  • Supply of pool capping, equipment and on-site installation advice
  • Supply of reticulation plans, parts and on-site installation advice
  • Limestone block work and on-site installation advice