'Learn how to pave....and save!'

AAA Hire Perth have various packages available from just the supply and delivery of the required paving equipment, through to our complete package that deliver all of the equipment as well as on-site consultation giving you the critical skills on how to do the job right the first time. 

We can also come on site prior to the construction stage to provide estimates for the supply of sand and paving as well as the best way to tackle the job.

Further on-site visits can be arranged when you hit a hurdle to ensure that the job is done right. All consults are explained in a clear and concise manner.

When you work out how much money you will save as well as the pleasure in knowing that you have done the job yourself and done right, it can certainly be a rewarding experience.  Reward yourself with a holiday with the money you saved by making it a DIY project!

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AAA Hire Perth allows you to acheive your desired result for a fraction of the cost of getting a contractor in. 

  • 15+ years experience in paving and landscaping construction
  • Supply of paving, paving equipment and on-site installation advice
  • Supply of pool capping, equipment and on-site installation advice
  • Supply of reticulation plans, parts and on-site installation advice
  • Limestone block work and on-site installation advice